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Zane and Morgi (Zorgi Media) are Austin Photographers who work one-on-one with local brands and creatives

Photography & Videography Services designed to


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Featured Business:
Holey Moley
Austin Bar, Mini-Golf
& Event Venue
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Featured event:
Austin woman magazine

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Outdoor yoga photography session with Austin yoga instructor

Embrace your authentic self

The Zorgi Experience is all about making you feel comfortable, empowered and confident in front of the camera. 

Your brand deserves high quality visuals that match your incredible talent, product, service or knowledge you have to share with the world.


Adventure session with local Austin fitness and yoga enthusiast
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personal brand shoot with carol zatt
Personal brand shoot with carol zatt
personal lifestyle brand shoot for businesswomen and small business owners
Featured Personal Brand:
Carol Zatt
Digital marketing &
trends specialist

You are more
than just a headshot

We aim to capture your unique spirit through scroll-stopping photos & videos.

The most important value in brand development

Strong visual content adds a level of approachability and credibility that words alone can't provide.


connection with your audience. 

It's time to tell your story

You're more than just a (gorgeous) headshot.

shop small & browse our original line of prints & designs!

New shop! Now you can shop all Zorgi Media photo prints and designs
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Featured Artist:
Amanda Simonton

performance in dance, poi, acro, fire, lyra

Photoshoot with fire performer and solo brand
Group photoshoot with acro and yoga performers
Zane and Morgi are Zorgi Media, a creative partnership both in business and in life

And that's where

we come in...

Meet Zane & Morgi

Your go-to media team
(and new best friends)

We're here to make this process as low-stress and fun as possible while supplying you with the photography and video production services your business deserves.


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