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hello from zorgi

zorgi media was created by the passionate pair: zane & Morgi

Together, they make a kickass creative partnership while combining photography & videography services for personal brands, businesses, events, & more.

based in austin, tx.
(but always itching to travel)

With two photographers for the price of one, zorgi offers double the coverage, double the ideas, and double the support.

with zorgi, every shoot or project is guaranteed to be, comfortable, meaningful, and fun!


cameras sitting on a rock. creative tools to help tell your story

creative partners
and life partners

creative life partners who shoot couple photography together

how it started


"We first met working on the same film set back in 2019. We’ve always considered our anniversary to be the day that we met, since the spark was absolutely immediate.

Over the years, we decided to merge our artistic passions to create a powerful media team.


Our differences allow us to bring multiple perspectives to the table when approaching a project. We consistently strive to cultivate a comfortable, friendly, and fun atmosphere to create the content you need."

your next media team. Zane and Morgan are both life partners and business partners
zorgi media, life partners and business partners hanging out on location after shooting a wedding video
photos of us, your next brand photographers and videographers. photographer holding a camera ready to take your next badass portrait photo
artsy loose leaf notebook papers delivering to you a message about how excited we are to work with you and be your new on-call photographers in Austin, TX as well as Pittsburgh, PA

hello! we are SO excited to work with you!
Our favorite part is getting to know you. We strive to create content that embodies who you are and what you want to share with the world.

As a modern day duo, we attack each project with two unique, but complimenting perspectives that contribute to a rare kind of imaginative intelligence.
With the two of us, It is ensured we will capture your vision from all angles.
We are lucky enough to be a team on the job and
off the job, and can't wait to experience our
session with YOU.

a note from us

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