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How to Create an Effective Branded Content Shoot: Schedule a Brainstorming Session in Austin

Updated: May 8, 2023

Hello, we're Zane and Morgi (Zorgi Media, get it?) and we're here to help ensure the success of your next branded content shoot.

A faraway shot of Photographer standing on a rock in the desert wearing a yellow sweatshirt, takes a photo in front of a beautiful blue sky. It contains the text: Feeling lost when it comes to promoting your brand? Get ready to step up your game and create a strong visual identity. Schedule your free brainstorm session in Austin, TX.

We know how stressful setting up a brand shoot for your business can be. We're here to help.

In a consultation with Zorgi Media, our main focus is to get to know you and your brand.

We'll assess your brands current visuals and help guide you in the direction towards an optimized online presence.

You'll then collaborate with us as we cultivate a shoot that captures your brand's personality, values, and overall vibe.

Our brainstorming sessions are geared towards Austin entrepreneurs (like you) to help you answer branded content questions like:

  • What type of content is best for my specific brand?

  • Where type of location should our shoot take place?

  • What colors should I wear?

We're here to inspire you and help you see your brand from a clear perspective. When collaborating with us, we'll not only help you come up with ideas, we'll also listen to your ideas and tell you everything that would need to go into creating that type of project. You may even discover new ideas for your brand that you may not have realized was even in the realm of possibility.

If you're an entrepreneur in Austin and you decided to book a branded content brainstorming session with us, does this mean you then have to then book us? Nope. The brainstorming session helps us both get a feel for if we'd be a good collaboration together.

Not every brand & media team is the right fit. We like to work with brands who are passionate about what they do and align with positive values. We're just as interested as you are in whether or not we're a match.

Provided we're the right fit, we're confident that you'll love our ideas and our thorough attention we'll give to your brand. We'll essentially show you your own brand, framed in the way you want to see it presented.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Check out our portfolio and sign up for our Free Branded Content Planning Guide PDF.

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